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Taking every possible precautions is our top priority. So worry less and travel more with Road Master!

World Class Travel Experience

World Class Travel Experience

It is a promise that Road Master makes to it’s customers, that by owing the brand, you don’t need to look out for any other travelling partner. We are committed to provide you a world class travel experience with unparalleled services, ensuring that you have pleasant & memorable journey every time.

Delectable Snacks Onboard

Food is considered to be the core essence of every journey, we at Road Master allow its customers to treat their taste buds with delightful snacks, especially prepared by our cuisine partner; Kitchen Cuisine.

Eagle Eye Surveillance

Your security is our topmost priority. With the assistance of Road Master’s Eagle Eye Surveillance, travelling with us ensures that you and your family enjoy the journey in absence of any fear. For passenger’s luggage, Road Master buses are equipped with an innovative air pump technology, operating within the luggage compartment that creates a vacuum and prevents passenger’s luggage from any dust or rain water.

ACE Entertainment System

Never get bored when you cruise with Road Master. Watch your favorite movies & TV shows, listen to trending music, play exciting games and stay updated with latest news through e-newspaper. Our high-definition entertainment system “ACE” will keep you hooked the entire journey.

On Time Every Time

“On Time Every Time” is our derive force which allow us to take our customers to their destinations on time. Whilst you are enjoying the experience of journey on Road Master, you can fully trust us to help you reach your destination on time every time.

Air Purification System

Road Master takes pride in introducing the first ever Air Purification System in our buses which keeps the cabin air clean, healthy and refreshing so that our valued passengers can relax with every breath.

Free wifi

Whether you are cruising or waiting at the terminal, Road Master ensures that you stay connected to your loved ones with free uninterrupted Wi-Fi throughout your journey.

World Class Terminal Experience

Behind every product shines the hallmark; a distinct feature that enable to distinguish the product in a group. Our terminal offers a nonconventional space that comes with awe inspiring features. You are now able to spend your time with comfort while waiting in the lounge by availing our excellent service and make your travel experience a memorable one.

Hybrid Ticketing System

For the first time in Pakistan, enjoy Hybrid Ticketing System that gives you the advantage of early booking, changes with peak hours or off-peak hours and benefits of flexible fares that come with the position & placement of your seat in the bus. This is a low cost flexible model tailor made to suit your travel needs. The Road Master ticketing service is available online at or through the quick and user-friendly Android and iOS apps.

Master Collections

Road Master redefines Terminal experience; now choose from vast range of gifts, souvenirs, beauty and electronics for your loved ones and make your journey memorable.

Little Masters Kids Club

We welcome you to a world of non-stop fun and engaging games that all kids would love. Now travelling is double the fun for kids with Little Masters Kids Club. Make your kids travel with a bunch of fun filled activities at the terminal every time you a plan a journey with us.

Master Fashion Stop

Travel with style; now update your wardrobe while traveling. Now get hold of trendy fashion apparel and accessories at our terminal.

Masterpieces Hair Salon

Now, you can arrive at your destination fresh and prepared to take on the world with our Hair Salon and Hammam facilities at the terminal. This is just the place to relax, get some personal grooming done and make your travel stress disappear.

24/7 Customer Support

Our team of experienced and dedicated individuals has a comprehensive knowledge of transport industry. Their relevant skills enable them to guide & facilitate customers effectively which eventually make them a best fit to respond to our customer’s needs. The Road Master Online Customer Relationship Management is available on our website at and over the phone at our UAN 111-722-822. It guarantees timely responses to all customer queries, so that our valued customers can provide feedback and suggestions that will enable us to keep growing and innovating.

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